The United Evangelical Mission’s ALERT PRAYER

As usual, the United Evangelical Mission is launching calls to prayer on behalf of people in areas affected by various problems, either security or natural disasters …
Since the recent volcanic eruption of May 22 in Goma, the MEU has not only supported the victims of this eruption in prayer, but it has also supported several disaster relief actions through the CBCA, one of its member churches.

The Nyiragongo is no longer in the news. We thank God that the volcano has settled and that a further eruption seems unlikely. But our prayers are still needed. People are now returning to Goma as the evacuation order was lifted. But now people have to deal with the damage:

In Goma, CBCA supports 3,629 households who lost their homes. Water tanks and pipes, school buildings, chapels and health facilities were also damaged. Many people have lost their jobs. People are still traumatized and fearful.

In Rwanda, 17 villages with more than 2,000 houses were buried by lava. Refugees from these places still live outside. Earthquakes have damaged many more houses. Economic activity has almost come to a standstill.

UEM member churches CBCA and EPR are assisting people with the help of UEM funds.

God, creator of mountains and lakes,

Lord over volcanoes and earthquakes:

We thank you for stopping the eruption of the Nyiragongo.

We are grateful that the terrible scenarios did not come true.

We praise your holy power.

But we cry out to you for the many people who are still suffering:

Comfort and heal those who are traumatized and fearful.

Give good sleep to those awake at night feeling the slightest tremors.

Bless the children who are hungry and not going to school.

We thank you for the people and the churches who share so much of the little they have.

Strengthen and bless all those who are now assisting others.

Send your spirit of peace that this disaster will not lead to new conflicts.

Give peace and security to all the people on both sides of the border.

We pray this in the name of Jesus Christ in whom you yourself became homeless.


For more information on the activities of the CBCA in relation to its response to the humanitarian crisis linked to the recent volcanic eruption, visit our YouTube channel by following the link below,

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