Dear Sisters and Brothers,
We continue to pray for the innocent victims of the Ukraine war.
UEM African particpants to an online workshop, prayed: “ Our heavenly father, we ask you to provide your peace to the worldwide suffering community, especially today, we bring to you, the innocent Ukraine population, praying that they escape the power of death and the terrible sufferings your people are experiencing. Show your mighty love to your children by stopping this war which is destroying the humanity”.
On the 26th April 2022, the UEM Africa Department received the following prayer alert from UEM member, the CBCA- Baptist Church in Central Africa, in Goma, the Democratic Republic Congo.
General Situation in North Kivu and Ituri Provinces of the DRC:
– The state of siege in the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri, proclaimed since May 6, 2021, remains the last strategic way of the Government of D.R.Congo to quickly put an end to the insecurity that causes huge number of deaths among the DRC population on a daily basis. This exceptional state of siege measure will remain in force until the objective of its establishment is declared to have been achieved or when the circumstances that motivated it disappear and that security is re-established.
– The DRC is a newest member of the East African Economic Community (EAC). Hopefully the countries’ synergies will address the fragile security situation in Eastern Congo.
– Unfortunately, the population of TCHANZU, RUNYONYI, BUGUSA, GISIZA and TCHEYA in the territory of Rutshuru experience sufferings from armed attacks.
– There is a precarious security situation and its consequences including cases of seriously wounded people without any appropriate medical care, separation of children and their families, theft of property belonging to the local population. In Beni, the population was obliged to leave their homes to be refugees in Kasese/Uganda. Among them: big numbers of children, women, elderly and people with disabilities.
– The war in Ukraine, which started almost two months ago has an economic impact on the lives of the population as trade with some Western countries is no longer possible. This increases the price of basic daily foodstuffs such as salt, sugar, rice, oil, etc.
We ask you to join us with your prayer:
• Pray for the DRC authorities to fairly and justly keep the state of siege for the protection of the suffering population.
• Pray for the peace and stability to be recovered in Ukraine for the direct and indirect sufferers to have peace and stability and be able to vacate to their daily work in peace.
• Pray for the reinforcement of the operational capacities of DRC churches in the area of human rights and peacebuilding.
• Pray for the peace and stability to be recovered, for the population in the internally displaced or refugee camps to go back to their homes to vacate to their daily work in peace.
We also have received another prayer request from the UEM member from South Africa, the URCSA- Uniting Reformed Church of South Africa:
In April 2022, days of heavy rain across KwaZulu-Natal in South-eastern South Africa led to deadly floods. Particularly hard-hit were areas in and around Durban. At least 450 people have been reported dead, and 63 people are still missing. Several thousand homes were damaged or destroyed.
Critical infrastructure, including major roads, transportation, communication, and electrical systems, were also impacted by the flooding, and this damage greatly hampered recovery and relief efforts. It is one of the deadliest natural disasters in the country in the 21st century, and the deadliest storm since the 1987 floods. The floods have caused R5.7 billion ($389 million) in infrastructure damage.
• Pray for the population and the families who have lost their family members and infrastructures that have been destroyed to be recovered.