End of the training in English at the General Secretariat of the CBCA

During the english training at the CBCA General Secretariat

For exactly six months, the agents of the General Secretariat of the CBCA benefited from training in English under the aegis of the Community Secretary, initiator of this commendable work. Every Tuesday and Thursday, for two and a half hours, all the agents without exception, gathered in various classes to learn and improve their level of knowledge of the language of Shakespeare.

In view of its multiple partnerships and contacts throughout the Anglo-Saxon world, this English language training is for the CBCA, and particularly for its agents, an unparalleled opportunity to develop their capacities in order to better maintain from a professional point of view, these various contacts with the foreigner and personally widen his circle of friends and acquaintances.

Madame Esther, member of the teaching team, receiving her loincloth from the President

This language training has just been crowned on Friday July 30, 2021, with the delivery of training certificates to all participants who have distinguished themselves through various evaluations organized by the educational team responsible of thus training. The certificate ceremony took place in the Temple of the CBCA Goma-ville Parish, where a biannual evaluation meeting was also scheduled for all the agents of the CBCA General Secretariat.

Chaired by the Community Secretary, Me Christian Sondirya, training coordinator, the award ceremony was preceded by different words of circumstances, first that of the Principal Supervisor, Mr. Katavu, then that of the delegate of the laureates, Ms. Bijoux Namwesi and finally that of the Training Coordinator who has occasionally, through the Reverend President and RL of the CBCA, given to each member of the teaching team a loincloth signed by the CBCA with the marks of discipleship. A colorful ceremony, animated by a spirit of joy and reunion, the end of which was marked by a family photo.

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