While many states around the world face many problems, from incessant wars in Syria, Afghanistan, Africa, flooding in Europe…, the corona virus has not yet spared the world from great mourning. From East to West, North to South, all countries are overwhelmed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In eastern DRC, despite the last outbreak of Ebola virus disease and the growing insecurity situation, Covid-19 has been added, making North Kivu the 2nd most affected province in the DRC after Kinshasa the capital. To date, several cases have already been recorded. Prevention and control measures are updated daily without practically helping to completely eradicate this virus, the first cases of which were first reported in Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019, according to the World Organization of health (Nouveau coronavirus (2019-nCoV) (who.int)).

Facing covid-19 and security-related crises at the same time, the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri have been declared under state of siege by the President of the Republic as Head of State. This measure was essentially aimed at strengthening the power of action of the armed forces on the ground in accordance with Article 85 which provides that « a state of emergency or a state of siege » be declared by the president, « when serious circumstances threaten, in an immediate way, the independence or integrity of the national territory, or that they cause the interruption of the regular functioning of the institutions ”.

At one month of its establishment, at least twelve localities formerly occupied by armed groups had been recovered by the army, since the establishment of the state of siege in North Kivu, says the spokesperson for the provincial military governor. According to him, a hundred rebels had been neutralized, several others surrendered and several weapons had been recovered.

Mesures barrières à appliquer strictement!

In addition, « Despite the declaration of the state of siege, people continue to die, one can think that the state of siege would have been decreed in a hasty manner and that the national authorities had not yet prepared », had declared Edgar Mateso, vice-president of civil society in North Kivu.

However, the health crisis is beating a record. The third wave of covid-19, declared to be much more virulent than the first two, causes enormous loss of human life. In the DRC, the province of North Kivu is now declared as the epicenter of this third wave. In Goma, the provincial capital, hospitals are increasingly saturated. The number of patients is increasing and deaths unfortunately. An attending physician, speaking incognito, said that lately the morgues in the city of Goma have been so saturated that the population is struggling to keep their dead. Many people are forced to travel across the city to find a place in a morgue to keep their remains.

Although the city of Goma is under threat of various diseases, it must still be recognized that recently, several cases of death have been notified to Covid-19, informs a medical source.

The hour is serious, and the awakening of consciousness. The best way to protect yourself is to become aware of the disease, and thus regularly apply the preventive measures proposed by health professionals: social distancing, avoiding crowds, wearing a mask correctly, using hydro-alcoholic solutions. … To protect yourself is to protect others!

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