STOP EBOLA: Church response to the deadly Virus outbreak in North Kivu/DRC

The Baptist Church at the Center of Africa CBCA stands and join the race to fight against EBOLA VIRUS.

This Wednesday August 15, 2018, Church Leaders gathered in Beni at one of the CBCA guest house in the city, to be trained and acquire more knowledge and information on the Ebola epidemic virus that has been declared and confirmed by the health ministry since 2 weeks now. These servants of God and some guests are sensitized on the prevention and the fight against EBOLA Virus, some disciplines and actions and attitude to take were explained by 3 specialist facilitators from the World Health Organization and one Minister of health in DRC. Supported by United Evangelical Mission (UEM), Hygienic materials, washbasins, stickers and posters to support awareness were distributed by CBCA to participants who, in turn, will train and alert the community to vigilance and hygiene at this very moment to stop the virus spread out. Honored by the Minister of Health, the mayor of the city, the communication officer of the territory and other administrative authorities, this relevant activity that began at 10 am ended at 3pm. This activity is a launching of several actions planned for different targeted areas in the following days. 143 people attended the training, among them 109 men, and 34 women.

By Hulda VagheniCBCA Communication Officer

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