Share the Good News: Grace, Faith and Action

vem3« Share the Good News: Grace, Faith and Action » is the Theme of the UEM General assembly taking place in the Golden Tulip in Nyamatta in the outskirts of Kigali in Rwanda from 29th September to 8th October 2016. The delegates came from all member churches of United Evanelical Mission in Africa, Asia and Europe gothering for this General assembly which always takes place every two years.  Already many participants have converged to this venue. In conjunction to this great assembly, many other side events have taken place before and others planned after. This is the case of the climate consultation which took place in the meantime, the youth delegates had preassembly in ISANO in Kigali, a Guest house belonging to the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda. Youth delegates and stewards from UEM member churches are enjoying fellowship and their effective participation in the General assembly deliberations. The women delegates on their side met in Gitarama in the Shyogwe diocese of the Anglican Church in Rwanda guest house belonging to the hosting church to prepare for the General assembly by putting together reflexions on specific questions concerning them that will be voiced out during the General Assembly.vem7

The official opening of the General Assembly took place on Monday 3rd October 2016. Exchanges are moving on and we’ll keep you updated and let you know about some resolutions that will be taken. For the CBCA, the church is represented by Rev. Dr Molo, the Legal representant and Mrs Kavira Nganza the women Director in the CBCA.


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